My "went very fast" weekend in 5 pictures

Wow is it Monday already? When I have to work on Sunday it always feels like the weekend didn't even happen. Of course, working yesterday was all about helping kids in Sussex County. We know our Backpack Snacks for Kids Program really does make a difference. Thank You to everyone who donated and came over to say hello at Weis Markets in Franklin yesterday morning. Joan from the Sussex County Division of Social Services was there with us all day. Freeholder Dawn Fantasia stopped by to show her support as well. Sussex County is a wonderful generous county with good people who truly care about their neighbors. On Saturday my big project was cleaning out and reorganizing my shed. Have you noticed when your kids grow up and move out they always leave some of their stuff behind. Then I have a daughter who keeps ordering new stuff but doesn't get rid of the stuff she doesn't want anymore. All the excess stuff winds up in my basement and shed. Which means I have no room for my stuff. That started to change on Saturday. I removed everything from my shed. Then made two piles: "staying" and "going." When I was done my shed was organized again. Next month I'll do the same in my basement. One of my hidden talents is taking chaos and returning it to organization. It's just a lot of work. When I was watching T.V. last night my dog Maddie was sitting by me and Gracie gave her a big hug. That was my weekend's sweetest moment. Since I was in a rush to capture the moment. The picture came out blurry. Speaking of sweet, my Girl Scout cookies arrived over the weekend too.


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