Driver's Beware N.J.'s distracted driver ticket campaign starts Monday

If you are still dumb enough to text and drive there's a much better chance you'll get a ticket next week. Actually, there's a much better chance any of us will get a ticket next week. Over 200 Police Departments will have additional patrols on the road thanks to more than 1 million dollars in state grants. Those patrols will be out there for the next three weeks as part of New Jersey's "U Text, U Drive. U Pay" Campaign. Last year New Jersey police departments issued more than 13,000 tickets for texting or cell phone use, over 5,500 tickets for careless driving, 6,500 speeding tickets and 5,700 seat belt citations. Distracted driving fines in New Jersey start at $200.00 for a first offense. Adding everything up that's over 30,000 tickets. The additional revenue generated by those tickets will be several million dollars. Don't expect a break if you get caught. The extra patrols are out there for one reason. To give you a ticket. So be extra careful out there. You can't say they didn't warn us.

Photo by Pixabay


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