N.J. High School students caught crashing WiFi to stop tests.

Two Freshman at Secaucus High School have been charged with using a computer for a criminal conspiracy. The two 14 year olds allegedly used an app or computer to jam their school's Wi Fi network by sending an overload of data to the school's routers. The routers could not handle all the traffic and shut down. Since a majority of day to day classroom activities are now internet based. What the two boys did created major problems for teachers and students. According to NJ.COM the boys took down the internet when other students wanted them to. Specifically, to avoid tests. Internet service is now back to normal at Secaucus High School. Since the boys are juveniles their names have not been released. They sound like smart kids. Let's hope they use their intelligence to do more positive things in the future.

Source: NJ.COM

Photo by Pixabay


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