The chocolate bunny...hollow vs. solid. Which is better?

Happy Easter! Growing up in my childhood days down in southern NJ, I always looked forward to the chocolate bunny on Easter. But more times than not, I was always disappointed on how much chocolate I really got when it turned out to be a "hollow" bunny and I ended up with more air than sweetness. One day, I got fed up and got the "solid" chocolate bunny. Much to my surprise and dismay, it was considerably more expensive due to the sheer volume. Anyway, I sunk my teeth into a solid bunny and the experience wasn't as great as I had hoped. It was a very slow process, much in the same way when I dive into a Chunky bar.

In any event, The Balance Small Business website has a great article that explains the advantages and disadvantages between hollow and solid bunnies. Read it on the link below!

Chocolate bunnies

Photo by Pixabay


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