Needing A Passport Just To Fly Within The US?

Imagine needing your passport just to travel anywhere within the United States? If you don't get a New Jersey "Real ID," that could become reality. I must admit, when Awesome Girlfriend Megan first told me about this months ago even I yelled that it must be fake news. She was right, I was wrong. Apparently Jersey is one of 6 states that still haven't transitioned over to these new licenses, and these new forms of identification are still unavailable to us. Officials from the Motor Vehicle Commission say they'll start being able to issue these new licenses very soon. There's a federal mandate from The Department Of Homeland Security that has our deadline to meet this October 10th, but the state could reportedly file for another extension pushing the deadline back to October of 2020. You can read the whole story and how it could affect you here.

Walking just 30 minutes everyday can be a help in losing weight, but experts are saying we need to do even more than that. Like more than double? OUCH. Experts are saying that while a 30 minute walk can equal roughly 4-5,000 steps, our goal if we work at a desk should be closer to 10-12,000! Yikes. You can see that full story here. Time for me to start walking in circles even more than I already do!


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