My "Too Cold Outside" Weekend in 5 pictures

Spring is always a very busy season for me. I work almost every Saturday and on Sunday I try to make progress on what needs to be done at home. Then before you know it. Monday is here. Every Spring there are at least two weekends that are cold, rainy and windy. Which means only small things can get done. On Saturday I bought supplies to paint my shed in the morning. Then spent the afternoon at Nielsen Ford's Pre-Owned Super Center Grand Opening. I had a great time. For the first time ever I got my face painted. I decided on the Met's logo of course. I totally forgot it was there until Sunday Morning. When I was getting ready for church my daughter asked: "Dad are you leaving that on your face for church today?" Pretty funny. I washed it off and still made it to church on time. The rainy weather on Sunday meant I could get nothing done outside the house so I had to do other things to make some progress. I bought new wiper blades for the car, straightened up the back room of my basement, purchased some flowers and transferred them to pots on my deck. Then baked a delicious honey glazed spiral ham.


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