Frankford bear battle caught on video

We live with black bears all around us in Sussex County. You have a better chance of seeing a black bear in some places more than others. It is rare to witness a full fledged fight between two large black bears. Especially in your own back yard. That's exactly what happened a few days ago in Frankford Township. Cory Bale told NJ.COM a neighbor called him to warn him about two bears that were fighting in back of his house. When Corey went out side the two large bruins were in an all out battle. They growled, wrestled and swatted each other for about a minute. Corey caught most of the brawl on video and posted it on You Tube. Black Bear mating season in New Jersey begins in late May. The two males might have been fighting over a female bear nearby.

Source: NJ.COM

See the video here

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

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