Anxious People Make Better Employees + Wedding Questions Not To Ask

ScienceDirect has published a study where researchers found that anxious people tend to make better employees. If this is the case, then how have I not won Employee Of The Year like 10 years in a row? As someone who tends to be anxious, okay is extremely anxious (some say tightly wound,) we feel a greater need to not let others down around us. You can see the full story in Women's Health by clicking here.

Huffington Post has assembled a list of 12 questions you might not want to ask a couple before their wedding. For example, unless kids are named on the invitation, don't even ask if they're invited. Some of these questions can also be found online, such as minutia on what time the wedding starts, etc. If you have to ask if you can bring the person you just started dating to their wedding, the answer is probably no. Fortunately Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I are a just a few short years away from having to worry about these issues. You can see the full story by clicking here.

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