My "Too Fast" Weekend in 5 pictures

We all know time flies when you're having fun. This weekend had it's share of fun. Especially on Saturday when I took Gracie and Kim to my live broadcast at Bentley Assisted Living in Branchville. The weather was perfect for Bentley's Summer Fair and Gracie had a fantastic time. My favorite moment of the day was when a young listener drew a picture of a radio and asked me to sign it for her. After 35 years as a professional broadcaster moments like that still mean a lot to me. Leading up to the weekend we had our special "listener appreciation" screening of Rocketman at Flagship Cinemas in Matamoras on Thursday Night. I didn't stay for the movie because I get up at 3 AM but our listeners loved it. The sodas at Flagship Cinemas are refillable. I wanted you to see how big the cups are. They're more like buckets! We also welcomed George Fuller back to the airwaves of 1023 WSUS Saturday Afternoon. George was on while I was broadcasting live at Bentley Assisted Living. It's great he's feeling better and I'm able to team up with him for live broadcasts on Saturdays. I also bought a new vacuum. When you think about it these appliances run less than an hour a week and never last more than 3 or 4 years. It frustrates me. At least I got a good deal on the new one. Sunday afternoon I finished staining the pool deck. Then got in the pool and fell asleep in my big inner tube. Fortunately, no one took a picture of that.


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