My "Time for Me" Weekend in pictures

My daughter, her boyfriend and Gracie went to Long Island for the weekend. I didn't have any live broadcasts this weekend either. Sometimes it's just nice to have a weekend to yourself. For me that doesn't mean a weekend to do nothing. It means a weekend to do things at my own pace. Taking time to relax in between. The "handyman" part of my weekend was a partial success. My shed is 22 years old and was starting to really look bad. I thought about replacing it. But changed my mind because the inside of the shed is still in very good shape. Over the past few weeks I've been repainting the outside of the shed. This weekend I started to replace the pieces of wood trim that are falling apart. I bought two 8 foot pieces of the exact wood I needed at Home Depot. I felt like a real handyman with all the other guys buying wood in the lumber section. Until I realized my $4.00 purchase was a fraction of what they were buying. As of this morning the shed rehabilitation is almost done. I just need a little help putting up the rest of the trim. Since I was home relaxing my son James invited me to try his favorite beer. I'm not really a beer drinker but I do like a cold beer after being outside on a hot day. So James poured me an ice cold "Franz" in a special glass. I really enjoyed it. I told James his love for beer comes from his grand mother who was 100 percent Czech. The German's and Czech's are the biggest per-capita beer drinkers in the world. On Sunday I enjoyed some relaxing time in the pool and then went to a picnic for the Delaware River United Methodist Churches. All of the United Methodist Churches from Barryville to Dingman's Ferry were part of a mission project to collect cleaning supplies. The United Methodist Committee on Relief distributes "Flood Buckets" filled with cleaning supplies to victims of floods and natural disasters in the U.S. and around the world. Our goal was to fill 100 "flood buckets." Members of local United Methodist Churches donated the cleaning supplies. At Sunday's picnic we took all the supplies the churches collected and filled all the buckets. Each bucket contains about $75.00 worth of supplies. It was wonderful to be a part of this.


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