Work Spouses Can Be Good And De-Stressing Tips

There are so many ways that I'm beyond blessed. Not only do I love my radio career, but our Team here at iHeartMedia Sussex is strong. There's a survey from Simply Hired about work spouses, and how they can be a great thing. Over 50% of women and 44% of men admit that they have work spouses, and I'm on board with this. Of course, since I'm high maintenance, I don't have just one work spouse. Shawn Stinnett, Kim Eid, and Karen Daley I can honestly count all of them as my work spouses. I feel like we're always partners in crime. We're always there for each other on good days, and pick each other up on tougher days too. One quick story that comes to memory is a couple of years ago when Awesome Girlfriend Megan surprised me by sending wine to our radio station. I was so excited to open the case up and bring it home. Karen gave me the pro tip "now Steve, you're going to wait so she can drink it with you, right?" I immediately burst out laughing and said of course, but I was still appreciative of her looking out for me. It likely helps that outside of work we're all terrific friends too. You can see the whole story by clicking here.

More sleep, more organization, more self-care like yoga, etc. Those are the biggest, latest and greatest tips for helping us de-stress. This story is from theSkimm, and you can see it here. I need to get better at all of those things, for sure!


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