Wild West City could be open this weekend.

Yesterday Wild West City spokesman Dan Hirshberg told the New Jersey Jersey Herald the park could reopen this weekend. Father's Day Weekend has been the traditional start of the summer season for the western theme park. In the past the park is open everyday after Father's Day. All of this was in doubt until yesterday. The park was abruptly closed by the estate of the park's founder this past Saturday. Now there could be a solution in the works. Hirshberg says: "Everybody is optimistic and we are hoping to open," If the park does open actor Larry Storch will be there on Sunday signing autograph's. Storch's visits have become a tradition at Wild West city. The 96 year old actor is best known for playing Corporal Agarn in the 1960's T.V. Comedy F-Troop.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay


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