Tips On Learning Faster, And Best Exercises To Help Anxiety

Is there a way for us to get smarter? Successful author and organizational psychologist (try saying that ten times fast,) Adam Grant did an interesting experiment on memory research. Instead of rereading and highlighting things as we read them, instead we should be quizzing and self testing ourselves. Self testing, sharing information with someone else, and connecting what you just learned with previous experiences can all help you learn faster, and remember much better. Any life hack that we can get to help our memory, I'll take that any day! You can see more of this interesting article from Business Insider by clicking here.

Photo by Pixabay

Yoga, calisthenics, and walking in nature. These are the best three exercises that have now been proven to aid in anxiety. I'm likely one of the more "anxious," people you'll ever meet. Very tightly wound. I know, you're asking yourself again "How lucky is Awesome Girlfriend Megan?" Fortunately the best 3 exercises can be done easily. I'll admit yoga has been terrific, I need to get back into that more. Yoga stretches have been helping my recent hip bursitis too. You can see more about this article here.

Photo by Pixabay


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