My weekend of "Accomplishments" in 5 pictures

This weekend I stayed close to home and it was great. On Saturday I volunteered to help at my church's annual yard sale. I love my church family at the Matamoras United Methodist Church. This year we were less busy because the street was being paved in front of the church but we still had a lot of people taking advantage of the bargains. I donated hot dogs and rolls for lunch. All the nice clothes donated by my sons Matt and James sold really fast. Also on Saturday, I finally finished repairing the trim on my 22 year old shed. Now that the trim is done and the shed is repainted it looks as good as new. My handyman skills are getting better. It was truly a milestone weekend for Miss Gracie too. She is finally finished potty training. On Saturday she used the potty for "number 2" for the first time! Now she "gets it" and is very happy to be a big girl. Mommy. daddy and grandpa are thrilled too. I found an old pool raft in my deck box and blew it up for Gracie to play with. Watching her line up her dolls for a trip on the raft was adorable. Finally, an update on the fresh oregano and basil growing on my front porch. Pretty soon it will be time to make fresh meatballs! I hope you had a great weekend too.


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