Franklin Pond closed after high bacteria count

The Franklin Pond opened for the season on Saturday. Then had to be closed Sunday afternoon because water samples showed levels of coliform bacteria were too high. Borough administrator Alison McHose said water samples were taken Saturday Morning and sent to the lab. When borough officials got the results back Sunday Afternoon bacteria levels were higher than 360. A level of 360 or higher is not in conformance with state regulations. This was the second time in the past week bacteria levels were in non-conformance. So by state regulation the pond had to be closed. There was plenty of rain last week. Heavy rain is often to blame when bacteria levels spike in lakes and rivers. McHose told The New Jersey Herald: "There is a proven correlation between rainfall amounts and e-coli levels in lakes and streams. The borough will now be testing everyday until levels of bacteria are in compliance. Hopefully, with less rain in the forecast the pond will re-open soon.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay


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