Toxic Algae closes Greenwood Lake Beaches

First Lake Hopatcong and now Greenwood Lake. The severe hot weather this summer has created much more algae growth than usual just about everywhere. Even my swimming pool. Pool algae can be controlled with extra chlorine. Algae that forms in warm natural lake water has to be allowed to run it's course. Yesterday the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection had to close state owned swimming areas on Greenwood Lake. Once again a large algae bloom has caused a rise the the bacteria level of the lake. Contact with the water can cause a skin rash and swallowing water from the lake can cause vomiting, nausea and flu like symptoms. Paul Zarillo Chairman of the Greenwood Lake Commission stressed to NJ.COM that people should not make contact with the lake water but the lake itself is not "off limits."

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo by Pixabay


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