My "Almost Perfect" Weekend in Pictures

This was almost a perfect weekend. The only problem with it was the heat. Fear of high temperatures made Space Farms Junior Zookeepers Day less crowded. All the events did go on as planned. In some ways it was very nice because everything was more relaxed. I had time to have lunch at Extreme Pizza at Space Farms and to talk with Fred Space for a few minutes. He is an amazing man. Of course I went into the snake den with Parker and Lori brought over Jenny her cute ground hog. Gracie got to feed one of the baby goats. She was so excited. When we got home we all jumped in the pool and had a great time. On Sunday my plan was to stay inside most of the day and by request cook corned beef hash. I love hash and so does my daughter Kim. The rest of the family can take it or leave it. So that means more for us. I haven't made hash from scratch in a while. My dad taught me what to do. Forty years ago he made his hash using pork fat in a cast iron pan. It was great every time. I used vegetable oil and a regular skillet and it came out almost as good. The key is fresh hand diced potatoes. The peppers came right from my garden.We really enjoyed it and there are plenty of left overs. The only snafu came when I cut my hand on the hash can. Why can't they figure out a better way to package corned beef in a can?


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