My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Trying To Beat The Heat

This Epic Weekend In Pictures is one we will certainly not forget. We enjoyed adventures in Beemerville, Franklin, and Vernon. Not our most traveled weekend in history, but still certainly action packed. Between me dodging BEARS at Space Farms, Meg roping me into hosting a cookout with way more people than originally planned, and going into an "infinity pool," for my first time ever, we had a blast. I ended up sunburnt, but I'm quite confident with another day of Aloe Vera this will fade to a tan.

Friday night we kept it rather low key by our standards, staying on Campus in Vernon. We enjoyed a couple of yummy cocktails with our friends Steve and Spooner at Minerals Moonshine Poolside Bar. Friday night the weather was definitely hot, and we were happy to be enjoying some ice cold drinks outside. We then ventured to a Campus house party hosted by our bestie, Carrie. Still relatively low key by our standards.

Saturday morning, now the intensity is cranking up dramatically. Awesome Girlfriend Megan came up with the idea that despite this brutal heat wave, we should have a cookout at my place. We invited a couple of friends at first, but then we kept running into more of them and realized we wanted them over too. This would require of course cleaning up my place, and then grilling for far more people than I usually would. Pressure is on! But first, time to go to our 102.3 WSUS live broadcast at Space Farms.

One of our favorite days all year is Junior Zookeeper Day at Space Farms Zoo. I always have fun enjoying the beauty of animals. Well, it's easier to enjoy the wildlife when I have fences protecting me! Meg and I love getting to see our friends Parker and Jill Space. Parker always jokes because we tend to run into each other at our mutual favorite bars. Credit to Steve Andrews, he always lets Parker take him into the venomous snake pit. When that happens, I run in the other direction. We had a great time just like we do every year at Space Farms.

Saturday afternoon, I was ready for an ice cold beer after dodging all of those wild animals. Meg and I ventured off to The Cottage in Franklin, with a Buffalo Chicken Pizza (I might be addicted,) being just what the doctor ordered. We had a great time seeing our buddies Vince and bartender buddy Rachel. We were so happy to be indoors and enjoying the air conditioning, beating the heat. Our time there wouldn't last too long though, because we knew the big mission of entertaining was ahead of us.

Ah the fun joys of entertaining. Working hard to clean your place so hard, even though you know close friends really won't care at all anyway. They love you for who you are. Yet we still clean! LOL. Our friends Edward, Sally, Douglioso, Spooner, Steve, JG, Tati all had a great time. Okay, on the surface a cookout that is less than ten people doesn't sound like a tall order, but for me it is! Remember I never had anyone over my place before Meg!

Time to be grill master. I bragged to my buddy Steve that we make the best burgers on Campus, and with me I don't keep secrets. We get our ground beef burgers, then put a little butter in the middle which helps them stay juicy, and season them with Longhorn Steakhouse Seasoning. My bestie Brad says that's cheating, I beg to differ and say it's merely WINNING. We all had a great time on my deck, and even enjoyed a rare double rainbow sighting from my deck. We had a great time with our amazing friends, it feels like we just spent the whole night laughing.

Sunday morning, time to try something new. We were able to venture out to the Crystal Springs Pools. WOW! I told Meg that I had never been in a pool that made it look like you were on the edge of a cliff. I know, I'm quite sheltered. Meg informed me that they're called infinity pools. Well we can now say that I HEART INFINITY POOLS! We were relaxing in the pool overlooking the GORGEOUS Wild Turkey Golf Course. We just kept looking at each other saying that we were in heaven. It's like we were able to take a vacation and go away for a day, all ten minutes from where we live.

By Sunday night, my sunburn started to form. All good. This isn't that bad of a burn, I am quite confident with another day of Aloe Vera it will fade to a tan, and we can say goodbye temporarily to my awful Farmer's Tan. When watching my pool workout video from last week, I couldn't stop getting annoyed at my farmer's tan. Success!

I rounded out my Sunday night with my besties Brad and JG for Happy Hour at Kite's. Great times. Plenty more laughs. Overall we had a fantastic weekend. I survived entertaining, and our friends survived my Awesome Grilling. I hope you had a great weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!


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