Vernon Will Do New Turf Fields At Maple Grange!

Maple Grange in Vernon will be getting new turf fields after all! The Vernon Township Council approved it with a 4-0 vote. This has been a very passionately debated issue for months. While The Appalachian Trail Boardwalk in Vernon is a treasure that attracts both locals and out of town tourists, Maple Grange I think is more of the locals not so secret gem. The council will also reportedly add a referendum on November voting ballots to start a ten year tax that will help future turf field replacements. It honestly still astounds me that when these fields were put in almost 15 years ago, there was no long term plan to eventually replace them. These things don't last forever! With the weather looking warm for the next several days, I'm betting you can see many smiling faces all over Maple Grange after this vote.

You can see the full story from our friends at NJ Herald here.

Photo by Pixab


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