My Epic NJ State Fair Pictures

From August 2nd to August 11th, we are at the New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm And Horse Show every single day. We split up the broadcasts between our 3 iHeartRadio Stations, so this means I'm always at The Fair the first Sunday, Wednesday, and final Friday every year. Tuesday is always Kids Day at The Fair, and that's when we do our 102.3 WSUS Kids Games. Thank you to everyone who came out for this! Our biggest Kids Games in history! That water balloon toss was unbelievable to watch. I think many families in Sussex County have been practicing these past several weeks getting ready for our Kids Games.

I do love running into both old friends and making new ones too. I love it when friends hear me on the radio, then go to our table and say "Steve Allan we're so sorry, you're out of your element but it's so hilarious!" While livestock isn't in my wheel house, I do love the Fair food! I also want to point out that they have clearly been listening to my cries for several years and have now upped their beer tents to THREE! I have hit two so far and Friday will be the third. Last night I had a delicious "Cape Cawd," New England Style IPA.

Remember the movie Dodgeball? At one point they say "Dodgeball doesn't build character, it reveals it." Well I say that broadcasting at The Fair all week is similar and after parking near manure yesterday, apparently I don't have much character! Enjoy the pictures below, just keep clicking on the right arrow and enjoy the comedy.

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