There's going to be a Soprano's fan convention

I'm not one to go to T.V. show or comic conventions but I just might make an exception this November. The Soprano's is one of my all time favorite T.V. Shows. Probably because I grew up in Hudson County. It's hard to believe the show first aired almost 20 years ago. SopranosCon will be Saturday and Sunday November 23rd and 24th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus. Which ironically is close to where Tony's crew made some people "disappear." The N.J. Turnpike toll booth during the opening of the show is also minutes from where the convention will be. Some of the actors who have already agreed to be there include: Tony Sirico (Paulie "Walnuts") Vincent Pastore ("Big Pussy,") and Vincent Curatola ("Johnny Sack")


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Photo by Pixabay

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