How About A Little Black Kitten Party?

These adorable black kittens have been rescued locally and are now residing with my friends at Father John's Animal House in Sparta / Lafayette near route 15. Osprey and Kestrel 4 month old kittens who may be a little small for their age, but make up for it with plenty of heart!

This is something near and dear to my heart. Black pets have a much tougher time getting adopted than other pets, because it can be very tough to get cute photos of them, and too many people believe that WRONG superstition of black cats being bad luck. I had my black cat Pepper for 17 years, and he was my best friend. These cute kittens purred the whole entire time I held him. He is definitely an adorable, curious and playful little kitten.

You can fill out your adoption application with Father John's Animal House by clicking here.



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