You'll sleep better with your dog in the bedroom

We joke about it on my show all the time. Maddie, my 7 year old pit bull/boxer can sleep in my bed whenever she wants. Steve Allan thinks it's a little over the top. Now a new study by the Mayo Clinic supports the idea that allowing your dog in the bedroom leads to much better sleep. It didn't matter if the dog was big or small. The dog can sleep on the floor or in the bed. The results were the same. Our dogs bring us comfort and security when they sleep by us. The study was done to determine if dogs are a disruption in the bedroom. It proved just the opposite. The author of the study believes many dog owners are at work most of the day. So sleeping near them at night gives us more time with them. I took the picture with this article several years ago. It's my daughter, grand daughter and Maddie. Pictures really do speak a thousand words.

Source: The Mayo Clinic

Maddie, Kim and Gracie


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