Stink Bugs are on the rise this year

A few nights ago when I went to bed there was a stink bug right on my pillow. It was pretty big. Earlier in the day my daughter say one on the kitchen ceiling. This year we've seen a lot more than we usually see. If you've made the same observation there's a reason for it. According to the Entomology Department at Rutgers University the our "summer like" September is to blame. The warm dry September gave stink bugs a chance to breed an extra time before going into hibernation. Of course, now that temperatures have dropped stink bugs will be looking for warm places to stay. When they find a warm place they send out a smell that attracts other stink bugs. They get into your house through small cracks, windows, utility connections, loose mortar and chimneys. Experts say the best way to keep some of them out is to seal as many cracks as possible. Stink Bugs are also attracted to light. So close your blinds and turn off your outside lighting. They're going to get in but you can keep the invasion to a minimum. I'm feeling very itchy.

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo by Pixabay

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