My Epic Weekend In Pictures: ALL Over Everywhere And The Giants Game!

This was certainly an action packed Epic Weekend In Pictures that I will never forget. My adventures took me to Hackettstown, Mansfield (NJ,) Newton, Franklin, Vernon, and Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Let's start with Friday night.

Friday night, I was missing Awesome Girlfriend Megan so I went to pay her and the girls a visit in Hackettstown. We got paint from Walmart, and I want to point out that I did AWESOME at not trying to teach the kids there how to do their paint store jobs. My first ever job was at a paint store for 7 years, Wallpaper City in Mansfield. I was able to reign myself in and not try to mix up the paint colors myself. Meg was happy I didn't embarrass her.

I took Meg out for a beer and french fries at Marley's Gotham Grill. I didn't do nuclear wings, too late at night for that lol. Then we ventured over to Manskirt Brewery in Hackettstown and had a yummy beer. There was a group of older gentleman playing music together which gave it an even better vibe. The sweet men even asked us if they were too loud, we said absolutely not. We had fun with that. Nice Friday night in Hackettstown.

Saturday morning I was called into duty at work. Our poor Street Teamer accidentally locked herself out of our radio station. I went straight to our event at Sussex County Community College for their Fall Open House, and to help Rachel set up quickly. Success. We were up and running in plenty of time. It was so refreshing to meet people who listen to us on the radio, and see hardworking kids. You know I'm always a champion of public schools, one of the best decisions I ever made years ago was attending Bridgewater State University in Mass years ago.

Saturday afternoon off for brunch at the cottage in Franklin. Why not do buffalo chicken pizza for brunch? Tasty.

I then spent Saturday afternoon on my deck, enjoying the absolutely gorgeous fall weather and smoked a Romeo Y Julietta cigar. It was so relaxing to just take in nature and my beautiful views.

Saturday night I was in bed by 9pm to rest up for the Giants game. At 1am, I heard knocking on my door and door bells ringing. I then heard "Vernon Police!" I rolled out of bed a little scared. I opened the door, turns out they were looking for kids who were misbehaving vandalizing buildings on Campus. Fortunately mine wasn't one of them. Within 30 seconds of conversing with the very nice Vernon Police Officer, and his assistant, they recognized me and his assistant with him said "OMG you're Steve Allan on WSUS!" I laughed and offered for them to join my Epic Weekend In Pictures, but they declined.

Sunday Sunday Sunday. My bestie Matt Spooner took me to The Giants game! I wear my Rutgers hoody to wear neutral gear and blend in at Giants games. It rained on us the whole time, but we still had fun. Spooner knows how to throw an awesome tailgate party, that's for sure. I love the vibe of everyone tailgating before football games. If someone forgets a trash bag, someone nearby has a spare. It's a great community together feeling.

This weekend was definitely a weekend we will never forget. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend!

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