Tips For Preserving Your Pumpkin

You may have heard Steve Andrews busting on me this week because I once again successfully dodge carving pumpkins with Awesome Girlfriend Megan. For 3 straight years, whenever Meg and the girls did their pumpkin carving activities, I have conveniently had to work. Well this past Sunday, I didn't have a work commitment. I was finally going to participate in pumpkin carving with them, which I can't stand. While the finished product can be absolutely fantastic, this entire pumpkin carving process completely grosses me out. The guts, the seeds, smegma, just everything, Ewwwwwww gross! Awesome Girlfriend Megan is very talented at pumpkin carving, and I'll continue to stand right behind her supporting.

After all that effort, how tough is it to see your hard work on that pumpkin wither away to nothing and rot? While pumpkins won't last forever, I found terrific tips on how you can preserve it. Did you know that bleach and hydration can help preserve pumpkins that have been carved out? I sure didn't.

You can see the full helpful list by clicking here.

Photo by Pixabay

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