Get ready to try a brand new apple

In early December we should see a new apple in our area. The new variety is called "Cosmic Crisp" because of the bright white "stars" on the apple's skin. The new apple actually looks like it's covered with sugar crystals to me. Growers say it's ultra crisp, juicy and has a "good balance of sweetness and tartness." The new apple was developed at Washington State University. They've been working to perfect this particular apple for almost 20 years. Over 12 million trees have already been planted in Washington State. By next year growers hope 2 million boxes will be sent around the country. The new "Cosmic Crisp" apples were developed from a cross between Honey Crisp and Enterprise apples. I can't wait to try one.

Source: N.Y. Post

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Photo by Pixabay

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