Idaho is winning. New Jersey is loosing

United Van Lines National Movers Study is out and for the second year in a row New Jersey tops the list of states the most people are moving out of. The state where the most people are moving to is Idaho. According to the study 68.5 percent of moves in New Jersey were outbound. Other states topping the list for outbound moves were Illinois and New York. The top three states people are moving to were Idaho, Oregon and Arizona. The main reasons people gave for moving out of the state they were in were housing costs, retirement and finding a better job. Somehow New Jersey has to find a way to reverse this trend. Taxpayers are moving out of high tax states like New Jersey. A trend which actually leads to even higher taxes if costs are not controlled. The 2020 census will show us just how serious this problem is. At some point I hope voters in this state see the problem for what it is and elect people who will actually lower our taxes.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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Idaho- Photo by Pixabay

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