American wine consumption drops for the first time in decades.

Wine consumption in the United States has been going up since 1994. That 25 year winning steak came to an end in 2019. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal consumption of wine fell by almost 1 percent last year. Which isn't a whopping decline but it might be the start of a trend. Experts say the drop is the result of the Millennial Generation not drinking as much wine as previous generations. They're choosing low and no alcohol beverages because there's an over all trend toward health and wellness. You can also blame the increasing popularity of White Claw. Baby Boomers are also not choosing wine as much because of finances or health concerns according to the report. When Boomers do drink they're drinking liquor instead of fermented grape juice. One percent really isn't that much of a drop. I must admit, over the past few years I've switched from wine to liquor myself. Of course, in moderation. My mom used to say a little wine was "good for you." Wine does have some health benefits too. If you're a Millennial support your favorite wine and drink up!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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