Crazy chicken wings facts to impress your friends next Sunday

Since I'm a Jets fan, Super Bowl Sunday has never really been about the game for me. I'm one of those people who enjoys the food and parties. I've even hosted a couple of Super Bowl parties myself. One year we decided to make fresh pizzas from scratch. Which turned out to be a great idea. We kept everything simple. Our ingredients were fresh dough, pizza sauce and cheese. My guests enjoyed the pizzas and I saved a lot of money. A few years ago I jumped on the chicken wing band wagon too. I make my wings with soy sauce, barbecue sauce and bourbon. I bake the wings first. Then return them to the oven for 15 more minutes after I smother them with my blend of bourbon and the two sauces. Here are some chicken wing statistics to think about while you're enjoying them next Sunday. The National Chicken Council says 1.4 Billion Wings will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Which is 27 million more than last year. Those wings laid end to end could circle the Earth 3 times. Every N.F.L. player would have to consume 825,000 wings a piece to reach 1.4 billion. Those wings weigh 175 million pounds.

Source: National Chicken Council

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My bourbon wings

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