My Epic Weekend In Pictures. Some virtual happy hours, and a grill fail.

These Epic Weekends In Pictures are definitely different than they used to be, but that's well worth it to try to help flatten the curve, stop the spread, protect others, etc. I was so happy to be able to virtually see so many of my friends and family all throughout the weekend. I also felt a little quiet and down at times this weekend, but know that these times are only temporary. I had a grill fail, which we'll get into during the Sunday portion of this edition. I ended up on 3 virtual Happy Hours out of the possible 5. By the way, it feels worse when you get blown off from a virtual happy hour than actually going out to a restaurant, right? It's like, 'you didn't even have to leave your living room!" LOL

My weekend started off with an IT glitch that is hopefully only a temporary inconvenience. I had to change my password at work, like you do once every 90 days or so. No big deal, or so I thought. I had to delete my work email on my iPhone, to then reinstall it. We had to uninstall and then reinstall a few months ago, it was scary but it worked. Well this time around, I wasn't so lucky. I had to instead install the Outlook App, which, by deleting my work Microsoft Exchange Email and installing Outlook App, I lost all of my Contacts! I would see phone numbers pop up on my phone but not people. Anyone could have texted me and I would have no idea who they were. It was like a blind feeling almost. This afternoon I'll try restoring my Contacts through iCloud and we will see how that goes. I met up with Awesome Girlfriend Megan Saturday for our walk and she could tell I was so down on the phone. She didn't understand the severity of how bad my phone was until she saw it in person and tried fixing it. She kept googling how to try to fix it, and everything we tried wouldn't work. This afternoon we'll attempt fetching some backup from iCloud. We'll keep you posted on if this works. I'm not tech savvy at all!

Friday afternoon I got love from Sparta Helps Healthcare Heroes, a terrific team in Sparta helping so many on the front lines. I was humbled by their love and support. Thank you!

Friday night was quiet, watching TV. It's almost like I have a new temporary routine. Friday night go to sleep watching Blue Bloods on CBS. Saturday afternoon do one virtual Happy Hour, Sunday night do our normal virtual Happy Hour.

Saturday morning I picked up a to go order from Granny's in Hamburg and wolfed down a bacon burger. It hit the spot and put me in a mini food coma after that. Saturday afternoon I was so happy to meet up with Meg for a walk in Sparta. We love White Lake Park, and everyone there is so good about practicing social distancing. I believe that goes a long way in helping our local parks stay open thank you! After Meg tried fixing my phone we did a few laps walking together. It was brisk out but still felt great to get a good walk in together. Meg and I met up in the Shop Rite Of Sparta parking lot. I walked over and handed her a 6 pack of Truly seltzer and said "since I can't take you out to a bar and buy you a drink, this is the best I can do."

Saturday afternoon Meg then treated us to lunch to go from The Irish Cottage Inn. She got a buffalo chicken pizza for me, and yummy fish and chips plus salads for the girls. We were very happy with that.

Saturday later afternoon, time for Virtual Happy Hour with our Cottage friends. It was so wonderful to see friends we haven't seen in person in many weeks. Texting everyone is great, but you really do miss getting to see people too. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday night I watched Together At Home, and was very happy with all of the performances. I think everyone involved did a terrific job. Then, I was able to jump on a virtual happy hour with my friends from back home! It was so wonderful to get to see them. Meg and I haven't seen them in person in months, it was great to see them.

For my virtual happy hours we have done Zoom. Saturday night we tried HouseParty with my friends. I do like that on Houseparty you can see more of your friends on your iPhone, but it didn't work as well. My audio kept cutting out on HouseParty and my friends couldn't hear me, whereas on Zoom I haven't had that challenge at all. Maybe it's because so many were probably on HouseParty Saturday night at that time.

To think I have Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and now HouseParty on my phone, 8 weeks ago I had none of those apps. Different times for sure.

Sunday morning was low key. I had major plans to just spend the afternoon grilling my filet mignon steaks I got from Mohawk House Friday afternoon. I turned my grill on to let it start warming up. Put together my grill tools. I then realized I lent my Meat Thermometer to my besties Jasen and Brendan last week, and even though they gave it back to me, I still forgot it. I can't grill without my Meat Thermometer, if it's more than medium rare that's too much for me. I can't take these kinds of chances of overcooking my steak!

I retrieved my meat thermometer. I will try to grill the steaks tonight since I'm up against the clock.

Sunday evening we did our virtual Happy Hour that we normally would do Sunday nights at Kite's. Great to see JG, Steve and Brad. Great to catch up with them.

Overall we had a good weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Thank you for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures! Time to start planning next weekend!

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