Corona virus update: N.J. N.Y. Pa.

Yesterday Governor Murphy told New Jersey residents and businesses there are still "weeks to go of social distancing." As the state saw it's largest daily increase in deaths 379. On a more positive note the number of cases seems to be leveling off. The virus is spreading from northeast New Jersey to central New Jersey. There are now over 92,000 cases of corona virus in New Jersey and over 4,500 people have died. The Sussex County Health Department reported 8 more corona virus deaths yesterday. There are now 723 cases in Sussex County. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo met with President Trump yesterday. He said the meeting was "productive" and that more testing would be happening soon. The governor also told the President the U.S.N.S. Comfort was now longer needed by New York City and could be reassigned. New York has over 258,000 cases of corona virus 18,000 have died. Governor Wolfe has extended Pennsylvania's "stay at home" order until May 8th. He said statewide restrictions would be eased on a county by county basis. Pennsylvania has over 34,000 cases of corona virus 1,500 people have died.

Sources: NJ.COM N.J. Herald ABC News

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