My Epic Weekend In Pictures: #BEAR AWARE!

While these weekends don't involve as much travelling as my Epic Weekends In Pictures used to, we still try to make every moment count. This weekend ended up being pretty Epic, getting Awesome Girlfriend Megan on Campus in Vernon, grilling my yummy world famous burgers, and I somehow met new friends even while social distancing. Only me. LOL.

Friday afternoon I hopped on the daily sales conference call with my radio station. Normally I try to avoid sales calls since there's little impact I can make on them, but this specific Friday 4pm afternoon conference call had a virtual happy hour involved. Fortunately my besties at work Shawn and Kim tipped me off on that. I was able to hurry home real quickly and join everyone on the virtual happy hour. It was great to see everyone on video, boy do I miss getting to see them in person. During this virtual happy hour everyone is encouraged to show off the drink that they're drinking. I knew I had to make it count, so I showed off a Stinger IPA courtesy of Bog Iron Brewing in Norton, Massachusetts. Everyone was quite impressed.

Saturday morning Meg and I were able to watch a replay of the NFL draft from the previous night. We joked that we would much rather watch the replay of it at 8am as opposed to 11pm the previous night. That was much more our speed. The NFL draft had terrific coverage from NFL Network and ESPN. They did a story on a new Safety player drafted by the Miami Dolphins who has done so much for kids with cancer - it Meg and I cringe because now there's a Dolphin player even we can root for ugh. Meg came up with the idea to rock her Dallas Cowboys jersey to support her team, which I then followed suit wearing my New England Patriots jersey to support them during the NFL 2020 draft. Long story short, I now follow Bill Belichick's Dog "Nike," on Instagram. If you follow me on Instagram, @SteveAllanRadio, yes, I'll follow you back, and I'll even follow your dog. Exciting times, lol.

Saturday afternoon Meg and I were cruising around Vernon and heard a ton of sirens. We were so happy to see so many of our local first responders giving kids a wonderful birthday party surprise! I was so happy we were able to see it in person. Shout outs to Glenwood Pochuck Ambulance, Vernon Fire Department, Hamburg Fire Department, and so many more. Saturday later afternoon we did our Virtual Happy Hour with our Irish Cottage Inn regular friends and it was wonderful to see them.

Saturday night time to grill some of my world famous burgers. We had a Black Box of vodka, Gatorade zeroes, two bags of ice, and we were ready to take on the world. Awesome Girlfriend Megan made her patty making magic happen pretty quickly, and I put on my not so secret Longhorn Steakhouse Seasoning. Earlier in the day, we ran into my dear friend Gary as we were both driving around. I informed him I was grilling, and that tonight would be the night I would bring over a burger to him right down the street. Surely enough, I grilled our world famous burgers, and immediately drove down my street to hand off my world famous cheeseburger to him. He was psyched.

As I'm walking down the parking lot with the cheeseburger, I met 3 new friends. At first they were asking me for more burgers, and then as I was apologizing they recognized my voice. They immediately were disappointed that while they met me, they weren't able to meet Awesome Girlfriend Megan. They always hear me talking about Meg, my pets, my Epic Weekends, working out at Minerals Sports Club, and fixing the pinched nerve in my Caboose at Trinity Rehab in Sparta. LOL! Shout out to Jessie, Martyne, and Denean, who were having plenty of fun tailgating in the parking lot while practicing social distancing. Their kids then overheard them meeting me, and came down to do a selfie for my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Shout out to Wesley, Brayden, and Bella.

Sunday was much more of a mild low key day. I picked up a growler of Troegs Perpetual IPA from The Irish Cottage Inn, and then relaxed doing a virtual happy hour with our besties JG, Steve, Brad and bartender buddy Sam. It was great to see bartender buddy Sam for my first time in so many weeks.

Then Sunday at 11:35pm I was called into work again due to technical difficulties at our radio station. The fun never ends! Overall our weekend was as good as it could be. I hope your weekend was great too. Time to start planning next weekend. I might have to attempt cutting my own hair. YIKES!!! #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong

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