Corona virus update: N.J. N.Y. Pa. April 29 2020

Yesterday the Sussex County Department of Health announced 6 more corona virus deaths bringing the total number of deaths to 99. There are now 904 county residents who have tested positive. Across New Jersey there are 113,000 cases. Governor Murphy said the number of new cases is "nose diving" but not enough to ease restrictions. Over 6,400 New Jersey residents have died from corona virus. Over the past few days 402 people have died. In New York, Governor Cuomo announced a 12 step plan to start to re-open the state. New cases have fallen below 1,000. The need for ventilators is decreasing as well. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe announced work at construction sites in the state could resume this Friday. On Saturday golf courses, private camp grounds and marinas can re-open. Wolfe said social distancing measures will continue even as some businesses re-open.

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo by Pixabay

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