My "Son's a homeowner" Weekend in Pictures

It seems like only yesterday I was driving home from the hospital with him. This weekend my son Matt and his fiance' closed on their new house. He's the first one of my kids to become a homeowner. The house is beautiful and has plenty of room for when Matt and Jess are ready to start a family. Hard work still does pay off. Our whole family is looking forward to many happy moments with them in their new home. Of course, it was also Halloween Weekend. I was never much of a Halloween lover but always took my kids trick or treating when they were little. My daughter Kim took Gracie and Christopher out trick or treating for a few hours on Saturday. Christopher let Gracie do all the work. When it got too cold I picked them up. It was great to see so many parents and kids out in the fresh air having fun. My grand daughter told me some of her Halloween candy was missing before she went to bed on Saturday Night. Who would do something like that? My daughter and one of her friends had a play date with their kids on Saturday too. They baked a fresh apple pie! Which was delicious.