New Jersey just made millions more eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine

Federal Health Officials advised states to open Covid-19 vaccinations to people 65 and older last week. New Jersey did that yesterday. While adding people under 65 with certain medical conditions. This means millions more can now register and get an appointment to be vaccinated in New Jersey. It does not mean those people will be getting vaccinated anytime soon. Supplies of the vaccine are still limited. The government is rolling out the vaccinations as they are being produced. New Jersey Health Commissioner Judy Perischilli has added smoking as an eligible medical condition. Which adds 2 million New Jersey residents to the list of those who can register and get an appointment right now. Other newly eligible health conditions are:

Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, COPD, Down Syndrome, Heart Conditions, Obesity, Sickle Cell and Type 2 diabetes.

Source: NJ.Com

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