My Epic Weekend In Pictures: First Time Attempting Flooring!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures is certainly one I'll never forget. We'll start this weekend off with Thursday afternoon. My dear friend Director Of Human Health Services Carol Novrit invited me to a wonderful ceremony. Celebrating Sussex County Skylands Ride's 40th Anniversary! It was great to honor so many unsung heroes, who are there for folks who need help the most.

Carol sent me this information below.

Sussex County Skylands Ride – the Sussex County Transit System has celebrated its 40th year anniversary providing safe and reliable transit services options to Sussex County residents. – Serving Sussex County with pride.

Skylands Ride is the only public transportation system in Sussex County. In a rural county such as Sussex, this service means more than just the convenience of a ride – it is truly a lifeline for many residents.

Skylands Ride offers a public bus route called “the Connect” which some may remember as the “Loop Bus”, and para transit services. The bus service “Connects” our residents to life saving dialysis and chemo therapy, medical appoints, shopping such as the grocery store and pharmacies as well as providing a ride to and from work and college.

Friday night I enjoyed my time at Moonshine Tiki Bar with besties Jasen and Natalee. I wanted to relax ahead of what was figuring to be quite the action packed weekend.

Saturday morning from 10am-8pm we were all over at Awesome Girlfriend Megan's new condo installing laminate floors. I'm not going to lie, most of these boards were not hammered in by me. Some of them were though, and it felt very rewarding. Others were better at hammering the boards in, so I played the role of sweeping everything perfectly clean so we had a smooth surface. Everyone says when installing laminate floors, a smooth flat surface is imperative. It was fun to see our hard work pay off. It's always fun when you can make something more beautiful, right? It worked out great that while Awesome Girlfriend Megan's lease was up and we were able help her transition to her new condo. Hopefully next year when the market calms down a bit we can buy something together.

Sunday morning by 8:30am we were up and running helping Meg move. Fully family affair, and thank goodness. Oven replacing, loading the washing machine, with things like that the more hands and hand trucks the better!

By 7pm, I was burnt out from all of the moving and ventured back to Vernon from Hackettstown. On 517 I clipped a deer approximately a mile before Perona Farms in Sparta. No visible damage to my Jeep Compass though thank goodness, I was very lucky. Isn't it fun waking up the next morning after moving with bruises you don't even know how you got? LOL. I was decompressing watching Sunday Night Football. I joked during moving that they were doing me a favor by having me work so hard and not be able to see how awful my New England Patriots apparently played. I have a bad feeling we're going to get crushed by Tom Brady this coming Sunday night. It'll be painful to watch. UGH.

Overall we had a very productive weekend. I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend - I'll be doing my show live in the middle of a mum field!

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