My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Some Old And New Fun!

It may not have been my most Epic of Weekends In Pictures, but I was still able to see friends and make more fun memories. Due to time constraints this Epic Weekend In Pictures will be much briefer than usual. (sorry!) There was fun relaxation by pools, golf, and a meeting of a former New York Giants Super Bowl champion player! We'll start with Thursday night.

It was a gorgeous night at Minerals Tiki Moonshine Bar. Everyone who went had a great time at the monthly Minerals Sports Club Member Social. It is always fun seeing friends new and old, something that I don't think we take for granted as much after these past few years. The sunset was gorgeous and I was happy to have my fleece coat to go with my shorts. It was a cool, Fall feeling kind of night. Great times. By 8:30 I was totally spent LOL.

By Friday, I was in the mood for something different than my normal routine. As I was thinking of branching out, work bestie Shawn invited me to join her and friends at Pennings Farm in Warwick, New York. The weather was so beautiful I couldn't say no. The weather was absolutely perfect outside. I even ran into some friends there. Running into friends unplanned is also something I don't take for granted as much as a few years ago. I had a great time with Doug, Shawn, Stace and Jim. Just a fun, chill Friday night out enjoying the stars and beautiful weather with a New England IPA.

Saturday we were saddened that my favorite Crystal Springs Vista 180 Pool was closed for the season. Welp welp. That's why I always say when the weather is nice, try to hit your favorite pools and beaches as much as you can. Summer flies by so fast. The NJ State Fair Sussex County Farm & Horse Show feels more like a year than just a month and a half ago, right?

I went to Minerals and enjoyed relaxing by their beautiful pool. My dear friend Sally showed up and hung out with me. You know those amazing friends who it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've been together, you always pick up right where you left off? Sally is definitely one of those wonderful friends. It's funny we joked how if we tried to plan a day together of just us hanging out, it likely wouldn't have ever happened. We didn't plan a Sally & Steve afternoon, but it happened and the results were terrific. We just had fun hanging poolside catching each other up on our worlds.

Saturday night it was a chill night in with me trying to dodge raccoons again. Sigh.

Sunday I then went back to the Minerals pool to spend quality time with Shawn and her sister Stacey. I then went back to my place to watch my Patriots take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was so ironic I got to hang with Doug Friday night, and Sally Saturday. 7 years ago, we all went together to see the Patriots play against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Seeing the Patriots play again at that stadium brought back so many amazing, once in a lifetime memories. When you go to a football or baseball stadium in a different city, you never know how different everything can be. While on our way to that game, we took a ferry across right to the stadium formerly known as Heinz Field. It was such a wild, and surreal experience taking a ferry to a football stadium. I'm also grateful as we took that ferry our game was in October, not a colder month like January.

I was happy to see my Patriots have their stuff together much much more than last week. Last week they were so seemingly out of sorts it was painful for me to watch. Last week my Patriots lost, and both of my Fantasy Football Teams lost. At least this week my Patriots won, and one of my two Fantasy teams won.

Monday is where things begin to be Epic.

Monday at Crystal Springs Black Bear Golf Club, we golfed in the 6th Annual Dina's Way Golf Outing. Our amazing friends Donna Arrigo and John are such sweethearts. They're two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting their late daughter, Dina, I know she was a beautiful soul just like them. She's one of those people where everyone says the same wonderful things about how amazing she was. For years Donna and John have asked Shawn and I to golf in the outing. As much as we've always wanted to, we've always had a scheduling conflict. This year was the first year where we finally did not! It's an honor to put my voice to those commercial announcements you hear promoting Dina's Way. You made a huge difference by listening and support. I'm happy to report this was our biggest Dina's Way yet, it sold out weeks ago! We had a fantastic time getting to golf at Black Bear and see so many wonderful friends, all while making a few new ones too.

I then met Zak DeOssie, former New York Giant Super Bowl Champion winner. He was their long snapper as they beat my Patriots in the Super Bowl. He spoke about how ten years ago he and his then fiance ended up at Crystal Springs looking for a wedding venue. Zak explained how Donna helped them so much holding them by the hand and guiding them, as she's done countless times for so many others. I introduced myself to him, explaining how I grew up twelve minutes from Gillette Stadium cheering on his Dad when he played for the Patriots. A friend nearby after our selfie said to Zak "you broke Steve Allan's heart TWICE in The Super Bowl!" Zak cracked up and said "all good someone had to win the game." I then told him one of my favorite Peyton Manning statements, when Peyton said "everyone in America should thank my Mom. Without her, Tom Brady would have like ten Super Bowls!" Zak cracked up and said "oh my goodness he's right I never even thought of that!" I agreed it was a brilliant statement.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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