My Epic Fall Foliage Weekend In Pictures

This wasn't as Epic of a Weekend as last weekend's Epic Weekend In Pictures, and I'm totally okay with that. Last weekend took a little bit out of me from football at The NY Giants game, and golfing at Ballyowen. This weekend we will start with Wednesday. Wednesday I swung by my besties Jasen and Brendan, after not being around to see them for a couple weeks. Our schedules just haven't been matching up with each other. Sometimes that happens in life. All good. When I saw them I was like an excited puppy. I immediately started planning a weekend date with them. They wanted to watch this movie called "Bros," starring Billy Eichner and Luke McFarlane. The movie "Bros," is a gay romantic comedy that looked pretty funny in the trailer commercials. It was my first ever gay romcom. It was an okay movie. I didn't like the writing, seemed to jump around too much for me. One of those deals where they showed all of the funny parts in trailers. Friday night was still a great time just staying low key with my bros Jasen and Brendan. The irony of watching a movie called "Bros," with my bros. I even brought over microwave popcorn for our chill Friday movie night in. Even though the movie was rather lackluster, it was still great company.

I was home before 10pm which meant I made it to CBS Blue Bloods, one of my favorite shows.

Saturday morning I wanted to get basic errands done like grocery shopping, etc. Going into the weekend, my number one top goal was to take in as much fall foliage as possible. This past weekend was the peak of our fall foliage, and I'm a total foliage NERD. If I had to move out of the Northeast, I would probably come back here on vacation this time of year to still get my fall foliage fix. Growing up in New England, I'm quite the fall foliage snob. Friday morning Steve Andrews and I were talking about all the beautiful spots around here you can enjoy the fall foliage. Not to sound like a spoiled brat, but I just wanted to enjoy the fall foliage somewhere that wouldn't be too crowded. I'm trying to dodge crowds as much as possible lol. I also want to give a shout out to RER Supply in Wantage. It was fun making new friends and running into some old ones too. They won our Friday Office Lunch Party from Quarry Grill, and were very cooperative with my selfie picture request. They're a fun bunch.

Saturday morning while grocery shopping I texted my bestie Carrie. I wanted to go on adventures stalking our beautiful fall foliage. I took Carrie to Crystal Springs Ballyowen golf course. I had so much fun golfing there last weekend I couldn't wait to go back. The patio was closed due to a wedding, but we were still able to take in all the beauty Ballyowen has to offer. It was my bestie Carrie's first ever time at Ballyowen, making everything even sweeter. She absolutely loved it and we had a great time enjoying all of the gorgeous fall foliage around us. We then went from Ballyowen to Hef's Hut in Vernon at Great Gorge Golf Course. That's when I joked that instead of bar hopping we were golf course hopping. Bestie Carrie is another friend who's schedule hasn't really aligned with mine too much lately. All good, we picked up right where we left off. We enjoyed our time at Hef's Hut.

I texted my thread with besties Steve, Brad, and JG to see if they were around to hang out. Steve's daughter Tory was in town visiting. Perfect, I hadn't seen her since the wedding a few weeks ago up at Lake Placid, NY. It was great to thank her in person for the wonderful time I had at their wedding.

Saturday bestie Brad wanted to watch the Yankees playoff game, so we all met up at Hef's Hut to watch the game. It was tough to watch. I made tweak movements whenever I rooted for the Yankees accidentally out loud. I explained to Brad, I can root for my friends to be happy, but I can't root directly for the Yankees, being a Red Sox fan.

Saturday night we then had a nightcap at Kite's. Pretty quiet, early night in for me.

Sunday was football football football. My Fantasy Football teams are both winning, so I'm in the playoff hunt in both leagues! Let's go!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend, and I already know Ideal Farm & Garden will be involved. Here we go!

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