My Epic Halloween Weekend In Pictures

Well this was certainly an action packed weekend that I'll never forget. I had so much fun making new friends and seeing old friends too. We will start my Epic Weekend In Pictures with Friday night in nearby Warwick, New York. Thursday night I went out with my besties Brad, Steve and JG. We all had fun hanging out together and busting on each other as besties, the way life should be. After a few minutes, we all agreed we need to go out to dinner together more often. Even though we have seen each other usually monthly and had so much fun at that wedding in Lake Placid, New York last month, we still want to hang together more often. We quickly came up with a plan to try something new to us. While planning out our Friday night dinner, we realized it's been over a year since the four of us went out to dinner together. I remembered that detail very quickly because it was just a few days after my ex-fiance broke up with me last October.

Brad, Steve, JG and I were all craving a great steak. We came up with the idea of trying out a steakhouse that was new to us at the time, Old Stone House in Warwick. Tough to believe that building has been with us since 1773! We had a great time enjoying the gorgeous ambiance. It was a fun change of pace to have a fancy night out with friends. All four of us got the filet mignon steaks, and it was pretty funny. Both Steve and I ordered ours Rare, to ensure it would be red, both Brad and JG ordered their filet mignon steaks to be medium. We definitely went four for four! Success. I ordered a house salad so that way there wouldn't be a risk of me filling up before the steak. I rarely eat at night, so I didn't want to take any chances jeopardizing what could be a fantastic steak. Goodness I owe you an apology. I'm making myself hungry while writing this, I'm sure the description and ensuing pictures aren't going to help matters either. My steak came out red, and was basically melting in my mouth. Even though we were in food coma mode, JG insisted I have a scoop of both their cheesecake and their apple cider ice cream. They were both fantastic. Success stories all around!

Friday afternoon I was getting hungry after dropping off free lunch to our Friday Office Lunch Party winners Franklin Minerals Museum. Almost 9 years here, and this was my first time ever at that museum. They basically gave me a cool light show, I couldn't believe how florescent fossils and rocks could be! They were psyched to get their free lunch from our friends at Quarry Grill on 23 in Franklin.

Saturday morning it was time to visit dear friend Jan at Ideal Farm & Garden on 15 in Lafayette. Jan is always a diehard supporter with my Adopt A Pet Of The Week feature. She gave me a Behind The Scenes tour of the Sussex County Maker Faire. This had fun for the whole family both days, and it was fun seeing smiling families. There were many Robotics stars who were well represented. I saw robot combat for my first time ever which was pretty entertaining. One of my favorite things was how they're repurposing power wheel cars. Talk about something you never think about. What happens once kids outgrow their power wheels? Think about all that trash! Now they can repurpose these power wheels and let adults like us drive them around. I hope next year the timing works out so I can take a spin in one of those bad boys! You can see my Facebook Live video with Jan at Ideal Farm & Garden at the bottom of this Epic Weekend In Pictures. It was great to see so much local well represented.

Saturday late morning I then went straight from Ideal Farm & Garden to Major Kia on 206 in Newton. Major Kia was having their Trunk Or Treat event, and it was a major success. They had a great turnout and it was so much fun seeing so many smiling families. They even had a free cookout yes, free burgers and hot dogs! I enjoyed a hot dog as we were wrapping up my live broadcast. I made several new friends at Major Kia, and also enjoyed running into some old ones too. My favorites were the ones who yelled while I was coming back from my car with a bottle of water "Hey Steve Allan! We want to be in your Epic Weekend In Pictures!" It was so much fun being at a car dealership where they were selling cars to happy people, and smiling families enjoying the Trunk Or Treat. It's funny how Halloween has changed over the years kind of staggering the holiday throughout the weekend leading up to it. I personally enjoy the Trunk Or Treat concept, because it lessens the chances of a Trick Or Treat night getting marred by rain. Do you remember growing up going Trick Or Treating running around in your uncomfortable costume trying to dodge all the wet, soggy leaves? That wasn't fun.

Saturday afternoon I then did some grocery shopping, and went to have a victory beer at The Irish Cottage Inn. It was a great reminder about how much impact you can have when giving someone a compliment. I intentionally wore one of my A Team dress shirts. Some joke that I almost look like a picnic table. I don't care, I love the checkers and it's one of my go to "country," shirts. I received several compliments on it. After receiving multiple compliments on my shirt, I realized it was too chilly out for me to show folks at the events I attended earlier and you couldn't see it through my jackets. I definitely took a selfie with my friend from The Cottage Shannon just to show it off LOL. Am I pathetic? Maybe.

Saturday night it was time for The Halloween Howl that our 103.7 WNNJ classic rock station sponsors. I enjoyed having fun with some of my friends. They had White Claw and Bacardi there with delicious refreshments. The 10pm start time was a little later than preferred for my bedtime, I ended up leaving by 10:30. I turn into a pumpkin pretty quickly in my older age. I dressed up as my Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick just like last year, with a hoody that had cut sleeves and my headset. Some at first thought I was dressed as a video gamer until they saw my cut up sleeves and Patriots logo. All weekend the jokes were that while I successfully dressed the part, I say way too much and smile way too much to pass off as Bill Belichick. Total comedy gold.

Sunday is one of my least favorite weeks of the year, when my Patriots play the JETS. Here in New Jersey I've been surrounded by so many of my Jets fan friends. They all love teasing and taunting me with the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS chant. My Jets fan friends are so proud of themselves for spelling a one word syllable correctly! At least I didn't have to hear it too many times yesterday. I had a fun time watching the game at The Cottage. Normally I prefer to watch the games at home but my friend Artie talked me into watching the game with friends. He was right, it was more fun to be with friends than alone.

I had an early quiet Sunday night in going to bed after the Giants game, filling in for Steve Andrews on this Monday again. Double duty. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend when 102.3 WSUS becomes THE CHRISTMAS STATION!!!

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