My Epic Weekend In Pictures Teeing It Up For The Troops + Taco Fest!

This past weekend was definitely Epic for me. It all started with one of my favorite days all year, Tee It Up For The Troops at Crystal Springs. My friend Michael Guidice always does such a fantastic job putting this altogether every single year. I can't even begin to imagine the many moving parts involved with putting this charity golf outing together. We know it was going to be a memorable day. Whenever you golf in extreme weather, it is always memorable. I knew we were due for a tough weather day, because for 8 years in a row the weather had been absolutely perfect. Sunny, with temperatures in the 90s, humid, and chances of strong thunderstorms. Flash flooding thunderstorms. We have metal golf clubs all around us. #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?

There are so many people who work hard behind the scenes to make Tee It Up For The Troops the fun event it is. The chorus singing while they're raising the flag. This year, a skydiver came flying down waving the flag. Every single hole on the golf course had an American Flag, with stands near the green so you never had to worry about putting the flag on the ground. The many, many little things definitely add up to make these events great.

I was able to golf with my work wife bestie Shawn and our friends Dan and Joel. They're both excellent golfers. I actually made some decent shots that made me proud last time they came down to play with us. I think that really helps me relax when we're doing the best ball / scramble format, because there's less pressure on you. You and 3 of your friends all have a chance to hit a decent shot that everyone can end up using. I had some decent drives, decent chip shots, and some decent putts too. Probably my best golf performance to date. We even used my shot some of the times. Dan and Joel said I hit some terrific shots, and coming from them that made me proud. So many fun things there. The Long Shot Professional is a new friend, and next week he'll be at an outing at TPC in Norton, Massachusetts. That's 12 minutes from my parents! I told him some fun local stories he could feel free to use next week with everyone. The golf cannon was wild! The air pressure was so high, we actually all overshot the green and lost our balls. Go figure. We did have fun doing it, at least. We had to stop before the last two holes due to thunderstorms unfortunately. We were all looking to see where they were, and then all saw a huge lightning bolt strike the ground within a mile of us. That made our decision pretty easy to stop playing.

Saturday it was another day of keeping an eye to the sky. Another one of my favorite days, The New Jersey Taco Festival at The Sussex County Fairgrounds. I know what you're thinking. I don't really like tacos and don't really eat cheese. Tacos quite often can be Steve Killers. Despite that, NJ Taco Fest is one of my favorite days all year. My friend Steve does a fantastic job putting all of this event together. We have a blast every year in the VIP Tent. I was able to bring my besties Jennifer and JG. I bring JG every year, this was my bestie Jennifer's first Taco Fest experience. I think they all had a wonderful time. It was great running into work wife bestie Shawn and more friends there as well. We were able to leave before any rain started, another victory.

Sunday Funday, first football Sunday all year long. I knew that the Patriots would be a likely long shot against the evil Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are one of the most talented teams in all of the NFL. They're stacked all over the place with talent on offense, defense and special teams. I knew the Pats would have their hands full. Some are debating whether or not it was a moral victory that we only lost 25-20. Hopefully my Pats are headed in the right direction. It does get a little tiring after awhile people asking if I believe Mac Jones is the guy for us to succeed Tom Brady or not. I think with a good support structure around him, he could be.

Despite all things football making me miserable, Patriots losing, Giants losing even worse, and both of my fantasy football teams struggling. I joked with a friend "remember how much simpler things were and how much happier we were a week ago before football came back into our lives? Gotta love it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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