New Jersey Turnpike Pitches Largest Project in History

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Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is advocating for the most significant project in its history, a multi-billion-dollar highway expansion project in Hudson County. The project, aimed at reducing congestion and modernizing infrastructure, is expected to cost $10.7 billion and will span over eight miles between Newark, Jersey City, and Bayonne.

In a media briefing held yesterday, the agency outlined the details of the project. It includes the replacement of 29 bridges and will be financed through bonds repaid by tolls. The project marks a significant investment in the state’s infrastructure and is expected to have a substantial impact on easing traffic flow in the region.

However, the proposal has not been without criticism. Opponents argue that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority should explore other alternatives, such as repairing the existing structure. They believe that such an approach could be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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