MORE BEARS! My Weekend In Pictures

Another wonderful, action packed weekend is in the books.  Friday we started off Cinco De Mayo by joining my iHeartMedia family at a live broadcast for my sister station buddy at 103.7 NNJ Gary Cee.  It has basically turned into an accidental tradition where we always join up over to the party after work for at least a fun drink.  Our Team at iHeartMedia Sussex really is a close knit family, we're very lucky to have terrific performers, and friends too.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan had her kids this weekend, so I ventured off for a fun night in Hackettstown with her.  We had delicious hot wings at our favorite dive bar, and Meg was feeling rather adventurous.  She took me on an adventure to another brewery in Hackettstown: Jersey Girl!  We enjoyed their fantastic pub setting atmosphere.  Beers weren't fantastic but definitely decent, fun experience overall for sure.  

Saturday the original plan was to watch the Kentucky Derby with some of my besties, but they had to postpone our weekend adventure.  All good, we'll catch up with them next weekend.  Using adversity as opportunity, I capitalized on my new found free time and went shopping for sandals.  On sale for $10?  Score!  The very second my friends had to cancel, I called Meg and asked her out, even though I had just left her place a few hours earlier.  One of her Awesome Daughters was having a little bit of a down weekend, so I came up with the solution of having her join us at Mohawk House in Sparta.  Not to be overly sentimental, but MH was where Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had our first date almost 2 years ago (May 17th.)  It meant a ton to me, being able to show her Awesome Daughter "our place."  We also scored on happy hour flatbread pizzas, between that and her 4 Shirley Temples that I asked our bartender buddies to "make strong for her, it's that kind of weekend for her," we had a great Saturday afternoon.  When I see Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Awesome Daughters feeling blue, I always want to help make them smile even though perking kids up has never been my strong point.  

Saturday night ended up being an impromptu Kentucky Derby at Kite's, my Campus Bar.  What started out as me swinging by for a good pilsner beer ended up being a Kentucky Derby party.  A wedding party happened to be passing through right at that time, and turned it into an exciting atmosphere with everyone screaming at the televisions.  Fun fun night.

Sunday I then went grocery shopping, which of course couldn't be without incident.  I crossed state lines to get wheat wraps for my sandwiches because I'm trying to eat healthier, and often lately I've been striking out in Franklin.  I ended up in Warwick, where they also sell beer too woohoo.  I didn't need beer, but wanted to make it more worth my half hour each way journey.  I even got a free Stella Artois glass for getting a 6 pack (Stella, which I refer to as the rich man's Coors Light, lol.)  I get carded at the register by a clerk in her teens.  I thank her for carding me.  She then explains "nooo, you don't even look old, you look good."  Once she checks my ID, she then continues "See, you're not that old, My Mom's almost your age, only a couple years younger."  #OUCH!  She meant no harm, even though I teased her saying "so you're saying I'm older than your Mom, I could be your Dad?  OUCH!"  #ComedyGold.

Sunday night, I broke from my usual routine and visited my bestie Carrie for a chill night in.  I then went to get my coat from my Jeep and then heard commotion and saw two BEARS growling at each other.  Welcome to warmer weather on Campus in Jersey!  I'm betting that they were 2-3 year old cubs merely play fighting with each other.  Originally I was going to make the cute picture of me and Meg as my primary picture today, but, just like in Nature, The BEARS win.

Steve Allan

Steve Allan

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