My Epic Easter Weekend In Pictures

This Easter weekend was definitely a memorable one for sure. Easter weekends are tough because I miss my family in New England. 7 years ago my first Easter weekend in Jersey, I drove up Saturday night to surprise my parents. Madre cried tears of joy, it was terrific. While I couldn't see my extended family, I was at least able to see my parents, sister and Uncle JDawg. That Sunday I made the trek from Mansfield, Massachusetts to Vernon, New Jersey. It was a beautiful spring day. During normal times, you don't realize what a huge travel holiday Easter can be. It took me 7 hours instead of 4 to drive back from New England to Jersey. It was so action packed I was fried and in tears at times. I called up my family and said "I love you guys, it was amazing to see you, but I just can't go through this again." They agreed, not wanting me to be fighting traffic for 7 hours instead of the normal 4-5.

This results in me being almost like a free agent on Easter Sundays. Thursday I randomly came up with the idea to take Awesome Girlfriend Megan and the kids out to lunch at The Cottage in Franklin for an Easter lunch. Of course I take Meg and the kids to their favorite Irish pub for Easter lunch LOL.

Friday night got off to a fun start. I ran into so many of my friends at The Cottage and I enjoyed a Sam Adams Cold Snap there. Sam Adams Cold Snap over the past few years may have turned itself into my favorite Sam Seasonal beer. I'm bummed so many have already switched over to Sam Summer which is okay depending on the year, but Cold Snap, to me is much more consistent and refreshing.

I then went over to see my besties Jasen and Brendan. Since I put myself on the bench aside from work the past two weeks, we quickly realized I haven't seen them in person in a month! WOW. I told them "it feels like it's been a year!" They went over everything with me to feed my niece Ally Cat Saturday night and Sunday morning. I then told the boys my hilarious Backpack Snacks food drive where I made friends with biker buddies while rocking Dolly Parton's '9 To 5. They immediately had me watch Dolly Parton's movie, and that was really eye opening. The HR nightmares that all happen regularly in this movie that back then were simply the norm. While we have more progress to make with gender equality for sure, that movie made me proud of the progress we have made over the past forty years or so. We all enjoyed the movie together.

Saturday morning, time for errands fun. I went to Shop Rite Of Sparta to refill my freezer, and Shop Rite Of Sparta Liquor to refill my fridge. I longingly looked at Team Trinity Rehab in Sparta, who I cannot wait to see today. Amanda and her team will be hard at work on my oblique. I apparently pulled my oblique in my sleep Thursday night. How do I keep seemingly injuring myself in my sleep? I'm apparently quite the aggressive sleeper when I don't have Awesome Girlfriend Megan by my side.

Saturday morning I made a decision. My carpet sweeper broke last week. I used my air dust buster on the precious area rug in my living room, which took awhile because it's so tiny. I think it's time for me to cave and buy a vacuum. I started to lightly research the mission and went to Home Depot in Newton.

After all that fun, I became once again that guy who goes grocery shopping, and stops at the bar on his way home. I ran into some friends at The Cottage in Franklin while having a Sam Adams Cold Snap. Our friend Packer Fan Patrick recommended a vacuum he loves that is only $54.99! I will certainly be giving that one a shot, for sure.

I have said for years that's one of the many ways radio works and gets results. Nothing is more valuable for marketing than word of mouth from a friend. They are absolutely right on that, for sure. I'll keep you updated on how this vacuum works out for me. Granted it will only be for my living room area rug so the sample size may not be all that accurate, but I'm excited. Nothing shows how old you are, like when you're excited about purchasing a vacuum cleaner, right?

Saturday afternoon was a quiet night in for me. After feeding Ally Cat, I just parked myself on my couch watching more March Madness basketball. March Madness basketball has been huge for me while I've been basically staying at home the past two weeks. Drove me nuts by the way. My dear friend Sally years ago once referred to me as a "social animal." She's definitely right on the money with that one. I fell asleep early, before the amazing Gonzaga UCLA game finish that some are calling one of the most amazing sports events of all time. Of course I freakin sleep through it. Go me. LOL.

Easter Sunday morning I then get a call from our morning legend Steve Andrews. He had to alert me that one of his relatives has tested positive. Fun times. I wish for health, wellness for everyone.

I immediately hopped in my Jeep Compass, took off to our radio station in Franklin to get one of these mobile rigs iHeart gave us just over a year ago. None of us have used it before, but this device when executed properly has helped many of our iHeart talents work safely from home over the past year. I picked it up in Franklin, then dropped it off to Steve Andrews doorstep in Matamoras, PA, knowing I was likely going to have to fill in for him this morning.

I made it back in Franklin just in time for our 1pm reservation at The Cottage. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and the girls all loved their lunches per usual. This was definitely one of my better ideas. Meg and I split a buffalo chicken pizza without blue cheese and it was great. Due to seasonal allergies, I could only wolf down one slice. I didn't even care, I was very happy to take Meg and the kids out to lunch to their favorite place.

Sunday night was an early night in due to my morning show fill in job today. It was certainly an interesting Easter, for sure. When I wasn't in work crisis management mode, we did have some fun.

One victory, I was able to ask my neighbor to please please stop with the bird seed now that bears started going on my deck. He was totally understanding, I pray they go away soon!

Maybe my new vacuum next week makes my Epic Weekend In Pictures. LOL. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend when I get Meg back!