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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Merry Christmas!

This was definitely an Epic Weekend I'll never forget. Friday at 5pm we once again became THE Christmas Station. One of my annual traditions is to wear my Santa hat everywhere I go alerting folks that we have flipped our radio station over to all Christmas. I get a ton of attention and feedback when I do this. Most people who boo and hiss at me are usually at least respectful. I just embrace all of the attention I get both positive and negative, taking it all in stride. When people politely complain I always try to respond whether it's on social media or in person. I get asked all the time why radio stations start playing Christmas music so early. I explain that radio in some ways can be just like any other business, if it didn't work, we certainly wouldn't do it. It was a funny, surreal feeling that I could drive around with my windows down cranking Christmas tunes because of our unusual much more milder than normal temperatures. I guess if I did radio stations not in our northeast climate that is what it would feel like? When you flip a radio station to Christmas, you get plenty of reactions. It can be a ton of hard work switching everything over 24/7, but well worth it.

Many people spend all year counting down until when we flip to Christmas. I start getting asked in September when will the big flip happen. You've probably noticed all the Christmas stuff that has been in the big box stores since late September. This has become one of Sussex County's biggest traditions. If you're not quite ready for Christmas music yet, that's totally understandable. All good and we will be here for you whenever you are ready for Christmas music. I like the fun, festive upbeat vibe from Christmas songs. It does help you get into the holiday spirit, for sure. Maybe I will take out my little Christmas tree. Last year I was too sad because of the ex fiance breaking up with me. This year I'll try to be more active and festive for sure.

Friday afternoon we flipped to Christmas. I then met up with besties Brendan and Carrie for some Yule Tide Cheer at Hef's Hut. After a drink, Brendan and Carrie decided they wanted to go out for dinner and dancing in Middletown, NY. I was invited to join them but didn't have the energy to venture out. Flipping radio stations can have a way of tuckering you right out. I was happy to just stay local and low key. I finished my drink there and then ended up at Kite's. I was definitely annoying my bartender friend Sam who wishes it was Halloween 24/7 year round. You can safely assume she's not into Christmas, especially when I turn it on just days after Halloween. I do admit it is one of my self amusing traditions to wear my Santa hat everywhere while threatening to put my female friends on my Naughty list. You have to have fun with it, right?

Saturday I was able to get some errands done before swinging over to Sussex County Community College for our Christmas Kick Off Party. This was our first time ever holding our annual Christmas Kick Off Party at Sussex County Community College in Newton and it was a huge success! Mother Nature cooperated with us for sure. The outdoor pavilion at Sussex County Community College is absolutely beautiful! I had attended Open Houses at SCCC in that first building, but had never ventured elsewhere on Campus. Their Campus and outdoor pavilion is absolutely beautiful. You know I'm a proud state / public school champion, and SCCC's setting was just so soothing. Seeing smiling faces of families everywhere for as far as the eyes could see was definitely fun.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are of course rock stars letting everyone getting their pictures with them. I want to shout out Ray Stocker and his team at Merriam Avenue in Newton. These hard working kids start practicing in September. It's so fun watching Ray lead them in action, watching the kids respond so quickly to anything he asks. You can see the enormous amount of mutual respect and appreciation from everyone involved. Their performance was absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to hear / see them again December 6th on our Kids Christmas Concert Series!

We had such a great time with so many smiling families at our Christmas Kick Off Party.

Saturday afternoon after our event ended I made my way to Lamp Post Inn in Vernon. I was meeting up with work bestie Shawn for a victory happy hour beer after our event. It turned into dinner which of course I did my boneless buffalo tenders how could I not there? I had a great time with Shawn, Stacey and Jim. It was packed. I had fun meeting their owner for my first time. It was a fun, cozy night.

Sunday morning I did some retail therapy at Marshall's in Newton. A couple of my red dress shirts are on their way out, and I was able to get a really good deal on a couple of dress shirts. Success.

Sunday afternoon my bestie Carrie alerted me that it was her daughter Mackenzie's birthday! I swung by to see them at Hef's Hut and had a mimosa. Our friend Jamie was able to go and it was our first time hanging out with her in so long. We picked up right where we left off, busting on each other cracking each other up. We all had a great time together. I then excused myself so I could watch my Patriots comfortably on my couch. Success!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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