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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Dining Fail

This was definitely an Epic Weekend In Pictures for sure! I made so many fun memories. We'll start my Epic Weekend In Pictures up on 206 in Montague at Scotty's Automotive. Scotty's Automotive is one of our drop off locations with our Backpack Snacks For Kids. I found updated logos and switched out the decorations on our boxes. They got a kick out of me showing up and had me do an impromptu Facebook live video with them. They're getting a great response with donations already! It was gratifying see the box already getting stuffed with food donations.

Friday night we started our weekend off at Hef's Hut. Bartender friends Kailey and Bella are both rock stars and always so helpful with my pictures. It was so much fun catching up with Brad, Steve and JG on how our weeks were going. It was also enjoyable sharing our online dating jungle stories. We ended up running into Jasen, Brendan, Matt and Jennifer at Kite's where they were having fun being big kids playing arcade games.

Friday night was a fun night seeing friends, some I hadn't seen in months.

I really wanted to stay local this weekend getting some things accomplished, knowing next weekend I'll be up in Boston for my family's annual St. Patrick's party.

While getting local errands done throughout the weekend, I really wanted to keep trying new things and places too.

Saturday morning I was called into work to help some of our Poughkeepsie iHeart stations. All good, I was able to fix an issue within thirty minutes or so not bad at all.

I dropped off laundry and picked up dry cleaning, all that fun stuff. I then wanted to venture out to Middletown, NY. I went to the TJ Maxx to get my watch battery changed. I then learned upon arriving that they don't change watch batteries there. All good. In Middletown it was early Saturday afternoon and I knew there would be a plethora of dining options that I wouldn't have in Sussex County.

Across the parking lot I stumbled into a restaurant chain called Hook & Reel Cajun Seafood & Bar. I hadn't done seafood in quite some time. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for just that.

This is where my Weekend started to become much more Epic.

I ordered Alaskan King Crablegs. Alaskan King Crablegs are my favorite for sure. I'll never forget so many years ago trying it for my first time ever in Las Vegas at an awesome steakhouse. I got hooked and never looked back.

After ordering my Alaskan King Crablegs, they then handed me my tools. YIKES.

Many friends love the process of cracking open your lobster or alaskan king crablegs. I don't like that process at all! If I'm going out to a restaurant, I want that done for me. If I have to do so much work, I might as well stay home and save tons of money. I just cringed looking at my makeshift nutcracker. The last time I had to crack open my Alaskan King Crablegs was at a restaurant in Boston years ago. I remember accidentally slicing my fingers open several times. I told the bartender I felt like I was losing on The Deadliest Catch!

I struggled big time with cracking my meal. They brought it to me in a steamed bag. First time in my life I've had my meal brought to me in a large plastic bag. I gently poked it open with my fork trying to not make a big noise.

I got an order of Alaskan King Crablegs, going along with two small roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. They were in a spicy butter garlic sauce. I got slightly better with more practice, but I definitely won't be going pro anytime soon when it comes to cracking shellfish. My big victory was eating and not cutting myself accidentally.

It was exhausting. I probably sound like a spoiled brat complaining about having to crack open my own food. I just think at restaurants they should do it for you or at least give you a head start of some sort.

I think I was at lunch for a total of 90 freakin minutes. I was not going to be defeated. Exhausted, yes, but not defeated!

My meal was good, just a ton of effort involved. I was ready for a stiff drink after that lunch adventure.

I've been hearing from several friends lately about a new whiskey bar in Warwick. I wanted to try seeing how I like it there. The Last Whisky, is located by a correctional facility. Saturday afternoon through the rain, my Google Maps royally betrayed me and I ended up in the parking lot of a correctional facility. Not the ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I was able to get redirected and successfully make my way to the bar.

I had a yummy Old Fashioned drink there and loved it. I loved the ambiance and vibe. With it being so cozy and tight, might be a tough spot for a large group of friends to hang out, due to close quarters and limited space. I can definitely see it being fun for a couple of friends though for sure.

By Saturday night, I was ready for a quiet, chill night over at Jasen and Brendan's. I even changed into my Under Armour fleece sweatpants. I usually only rock those out in public if it's a football Sunday lol. It was a great time with Jasen, Brendan, Carrie, Christine, Jennifer and Chloe. Low key was just what the doctor ordered.

Christine and I started plotting our Sunday, I mentioned how much fun I have when going to breweries with her and Chris. They are my brewery go to friends for sure!

Then upon entering another brewery, I ran into my friends Artie & Margie, Ed and Teresa. I couldn't even believe the insane coincidence of us running into each other at a NY Brewery! Talk about making a fun Sunday even better! We had a wonderful time enjoying beautiful breweries together.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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