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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Nashville!

WOW. Nashville is EXCITING! This Weekend In Pictures I'm going to lean heavily on the pictures to tell the story. Long story short I absolutely love Nashville. It really is just like Vegas without the gambling. The food and music all absolutely live up to the hype. It's a expensive downtown, but what a beautiful city. I can't wait to go back there someday.

Why Nashville? A few years ago we agreed to do my bachelor party in Nashville. That relationship ended up not working out, but I told my friends just because it isn't my bachelor party doesn't mean we can't still go to Nashville and have fun. Live music starts everyday at 10am and almost every single bar on the strip has it!

Last year I went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I met up with my bros from home, Chris, Matt and Rob. We've been best friends since Middle and High School!!! That is an amazing feat, and wouldn't be possible without each of them being awesome. We had so much fun last year meeting up for vacation (Rob from LA, Chris and Matt from Boston, me from Jersey,) everyone agreed this had to start becoming an annual event. We'll try to keep doing new places too. Nashville is beautiful!

It's like my bros from home and I are laughing at our silly stories from our 25+ years of friendship, seems that most of the funny stories tend to involve me of course. I'm sure we made some new funny stories during our Nashville vacation too. We ended up meeting Kendrick, who is Rob's cousin. He is hilarious and we'll be friends with him for life.

This weekend the weather here in Jersey was beautiful all weekend. Friday night I had fun with friends at Tiki Moonshine Bar in Vernon. Saturday I did some errands and added some previously unplanned stops on my trip.

I'm happy to report that I kept up with my annual Mother's Day tradition 8 years in a row. I never go back up home for Mother's Day, the drive would be too long.

Since I'm basically a free agent on Mother's Day, I love having the freedom to do whatever I want. It started 8 years ago with my bestie Tyann. Ty is a dear friend who's a single Mommy. I love seeing her smile. I simply just wanted to make her smile and give her flowers. It's now become an annual tradition 8 years running, and I have added other single Mommy besties to my annual rotation. I successfully did floral deliveries for besties Jennifer, Ty, Carrie, Jennifer, and Cassie. Success! I love trying to help friends smile. Each of them said to me that it did. Mission accomplished!

Time to start planning next weekend!

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