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My Epic Weekend In Pictures Dodging Rain

Whenever one of the weekend days ends up being a washout, there will likely be more indoor activities than usual. All good. This weekend I still had fun running into friends and making some new ones with varying adventures.

Friday night I went out for a happy hour drink with bestie Suzie. We ended up getting a delicious Old Fashioned drink, and split their spicy tuna tartar. (I may or may not have just pulled up their site to confirm I spelled it correctly and looks like I surprisingly did!) Then after that I went home to watch The Boston Celtics playoff game. OUCH. It was painful to watch them again as they lost to The Miami Heat yet again. Just simply painful. Isn't amazing how sometimes teams can do so well consistently, then suddenly seem to unravel and lose it? It's like the Celtics are doing what The Boston Bruins did to me a few weeks ago. Ugh! Not a fun time for Boston sports teams in the playoffs that's for sure.

Saturday I had fun tackling some usual errands. Late Saturday afternoon I had fun running into some of my friends at The Irish Cottage Inn in Franklin. I then also ran into my friend Glenn from Realty Executives. Tough to believe it was already a year ago when I joined them at their grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony. Not only did he get us a round, I was able to thank him in person for the bottle of Casamigos Tequila I recently won at their Taco & Tequila Tuesday party. I'm so happy to see Glenn, and my other realtor besties Damian and Jennifer doing great among my other buddies.

My goal was to just stay dry, dodge the rain and watch The Preakness horse race at home. Success! That was a fun, intense race to watch. Definitely a very close finish and I'm sure many who went had a great time. It looked like fun for sure.

My Mother's Day Weekend was rather action packed from driving around giving flowers to my single Mom besties, I was ready for a lower key weekend.

Saturday night I stayed in enjoying watching Meet The Fockers, that comedy has definitely stood the test of time in my eyes. Good laughs. The whole time I was watching Meet The Fockers, every single time I saw Robert De Niro all I could think of was how he's 79 years old and just had his 7th child. WOW. I just still can't even imagine that. I'm sure De Niro has plenty of support all around them for their kids. Even then, just simply wow. I don't think that I would want to father a child at that age. Some are already calling me Old AF at 41 lol.

Sometimes I am quite the old man though when it comes to preferring going to bed early LOL.

Sunday late morning I ventured out to Rockaway Mall. I didn't have anything super specific in mind, just perused my usual spots seeing if there were any sales on Under Armour gear etc. Nothing too crazy for sales but all good. The weather was beautiful and it was just fun to be out and about.

Sunday afternoon I was venting about The Celtics making me miserable. My friend Artie, half kidding said "Steve you shouldn't even watch the game. Don't bother. You watched all of them and they're still losing anyway." Surely enough, I went to bed right before the game started and didn't even watch it. I'm happy I listened to Artie's advice. I silenced / muted my text thread with my best friends from home, knowing they would likely be texting and venting during the game as we have been doing.

I met up with besties Brad, Steve and Bri at Minerals Sports Club Moonshine Tiki Bar. I'm so happy to have warmer weather and that Tiki Bar back with us. I can't wait to start posting gorgeous sunset pictures from there again.

Time to start planning next Weekend, and it'll be back to being rather Epic. Friday night I'll be throwing out the first pitch at Skylands Stadium before the Sussex County Miners game. Saturday I'll be at the Green Valley Rodeo! Memorial Day Weekend every year, that is the place to be!

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