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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Lots Of Outside Fun!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures will be a little bit briefer than normal with this being updated on Tuesday. Next weekend I'm going back up home to Boston seeing my family. It will be my Dad Padre's 60th birthday! We're so excited to share the special day with him. I took Friday off from work so I can drive up and see him on his actual birthday. Normally my parents visit me during Memorial Day Weekend, but this year it just made more sense for them to stay up in New England and rest up for next weekend when I'll see them again.

Friday night it was time for my first pitch at Skylands Stadium right before the Sussex County Miners game. I was really nervous. My first time ever doing this 8 years ago it was painfully embarrassing and comedic. I held onto the ball too long and it hit the dirt right in front of home plate. I'll never forget the awkward sighs from the crowd at Skylands Stadium then one heckler yelled "STICK TO THE RADIO SHOW!" LOL. My coworkers kept playing the video repeatedly laughing at me. I remember walking down the hallways yelling at my coworkers "AGAIN? You're really watching me screw up again?"

I've done probably 12 first pitches over the years, during a typical Memorial Day Weekend I'll throw the pitch Saturday night and spend the afternoon warming up my arm and playing catch with Padre in the parking lot where I live on Campus. It helps tremendously when you can warm up. I also enjoy playing catch with Padre just like I did 25 years ago. When I was in my teens I could pitch up to 69 miles per hour. I know that's not as cool and fast as 90 miles per hour, but I feel my speed was still pretty decent. Out of the 12 first pitches, I would bet 9 of them have been strikes. That was not the case Friday night.

I didn't warm up and was very nervous. First pitches may not be a matter of life or death, but it can still be a very stressful process. I get on the field ready to make my first pitch. When I crossed over the foul line it felt like I was walking the plank. They were also doing a neat thing honoring local Little League players from all over Sussex County. The negative for me? Several kids were standing right behind home plate, right behind the Catcher I was supposed to throw too. I got too scared of hitting a kid on video with a wild pitch if I overthrew the Catcher. I ended up throwing it into the dirt in the left hand batters box. Definitely not a Strike!

After that public humiliation comedy gold was over, we enjoyed watching the game. It was an absolutely perfect weather for a baseball game. I watched the game with my bestie Susie. She was impressed they let me keep the baseball. I gave it to her and she asked me to autograph it. I think she was trying to build me up and make me feel less bad about my weak first pitch LOL.

Saturday morning I continued our annual tradition of me doing a Facebook Live preview video of The Rodeo at Green Valley Farms up on 23 in Wantage. It was great seeing all of those massive animals up close and smelling delicious barbecue. I always enjoy walking around showing my friends how much fun they're about to have at The Rodeo.

Saturday afternoon I was able to meet up with my work wife Shawn at Crystal Springs. Their Infiniti Vista Pool is my happy place, I always call it my heaven on Earth. It's a gorgeous pool with an amazing view of The Wild Turkey Golf Course, and the valley as far as the eye can see. I absolutely love relaxing there.

Saturday night with everything so packed, I just wanted to relax on my deck. Success.

This weekend I enjoyed having fun with my friends at both Crystal Springs Infiniti Vista Pool, and also the pool at Minerals Sports Club too. It was great seeing friends I haven't seen in far too long. Besties Spooner, Kate and Bryon were in good spirits. We were happy to just hang out and relax poolside.

I definitely am happy I bought sunscreen and applied it constantly, I definitely got some color after this weekend! Between my recent trip to Nashville and this weekend, I think I have my summer tan already!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Next weekend, I'm Shipping Up To Boston for Padre's birthday woohoo!

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