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My Epic Oktoberfest + Football Weekend In Pictures + A Little Rain

It might not have been my most Epic of a long weekend, but still made fun memories along the way. We'll start my Epic Weekend In Pictures with thanking you! One of my favorite parts all weekend? Getting a text from Rhianna from Father John's Animal House letting me and Dr. Bullock know the great news that my Pet Of The Week Chip was going home to his Furever Family! Two weeks in a row where my Pets Of The Week have been adopted in less than two days after being on my radio show! Your support goes such a tremendously long way in helping my friends find their new homes. Thank you!

Friday night was just what the doctor ordered, a low key quiet night in with besties Jasen and Brendan. Please forgive me, this was the first time I had ever seen that show Mob Wives. I'm definitely not too proud to admit how enjoyable binge watching these reruns was for me.

It was a rather early Friday night, which after an action packed week was totally great with me.

Saturday morning I had a pretty successful run of doing errands out and tidying / organizing a little things at home. Nice little Saturday. Then Saturday afternoon it was time for Mountain Creek's Oktoberfest, the #1 largest Oktoberfest in New Jersey! I brought along bestie Jennifer as she had never been before to Oktoberfest. Mountain Creek's Oktoberfest of course is far from my first rodeo. I would do a little bit of my show from there every Saturday for years Pre-pandemic. The weather was absolutely fantastic on Saturday afternoon. There's just something about the many wonderful scents and aromas at an Oktoberfest on a beautiful afternoon. Delicious Fall food and beverages as far as the eye can see. Sumo wrestling comedy gold, plus running into so many wonderful friends. Shout out to my friend Evan Kovach, who is always a good sport when I bust on him saying "c'mon, what do you mean it's way too early to turn on the snow guns by my place?" LOL

Saturday afternoon the weather was still absolutely gorgeous. I had just got home and was starting to contemplate where to go next. The weather was beautiful, world my oyster. I turn on my tv right before I start trying to plan where to go next. All of the sudden? TBS is showing a Batman Day Christian Bale Trilogy! Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises. ALL 3. ALL day. I don't know how they came up with this "Batman Day," but I was very happy they did! A spectacular weather day, yet there I am so happy on my living room couch watching Batman movie after Batman movie, each one I've seen probably a zillion times. I'm sorry, but with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman can you blame me? Okay, yes you can, LOL. I know. How I manage to stay single is a mystery to me too. ;)

Part of the reason I wanted to really stay local is because the next couple of weekends I'll be making some special road trips. Next weekend, I'm driving down to The Streets Of Philadelphia. Not only do I get to see my friends Sarah Rigotty and Tommy Gordon get married...I'LL BE THE ONE MARRYING THEM!!!! You read that correctly. This will be my first time ever officiating a wedding! Here we go! #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?

The following weekend I'll be Shipping Up To Boston, back home to see my Uncle Jeff "JDawg," for his 60th Birthday. I can't wait. These next two weekends will be Epic, all the more reason this weekend had to be low key.

Sunday besties Christine and Chris invited me over for football Sunday fun. I have to give them credit. They know I only like to watch Patriots games by myself so I can yell at my TV and pace across my place nonstop like a totally sane person. They now actually looked at the schedule and realized my Patriots weren't on until the Sunday night game, leaving me a wide open free agent for the 1pm game. They are so fantastic at entertaining and make killer charcuterie boards on top of that. We had a great time with many laughs.

You know how I'm a diehard football nerd fan with no life? Bestie Carrie and others kept cracking up. Quite often when I would be describing a play or certain situation, the announcers would use even the same exact words I did. It's not my fault I pointed out to them that Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh is the NFL's first ever Muslim Head Coach! LOL. I wasn't breaking any news, just giving random fun facts.

Ah the Patriots Sunday night. What can I say? Simply put, the better team won with the Miami Dolphins defeating my Patriots in Gillette Stadium. Maybe next time we'll be a little bit stronger, but those Dolphins are a really talented team. I give them credit for sure. I won both of my Fantasy football games at least, we'll take that. Much better than last week when between the Patriots and my Fantasy football leagues I went 0-3! Why am I so happy to have football back? Life was so much simpler and less stressful 2-3 weeks ago!!! LOL

Monday I had a vacation day to burn and it was after a Patriots late night game that went almost to Midnight. I was happy to take it off. That being said, of course it ended up raining all day. Hard. Rain. I got called into work for a technical difficulty emergency and had to cancel my Trinity Rehab in Sparta weekly Monday appointment. I ended up like a teenager way back when on a rainy day, at Rockaway Mall. I got a quick shoulder / back massage from one of those chair massage people in the middle of the mall. I don't care who's watching, somehow we gotta get all of these knots from stress outta me!

Overall it was a fun weekend, with very EPIC weekends on the way next two weekends. Here we go!

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